State and local officials are key to creating a thriving bioscience industry in New Mexico. Their extensive networks of contacts help support the collaborative effort needed to establish an industry that will sustain the test of time.  

They offer invaluable knowledge and experience and can identify tracts of land that are suitable for particular needs. They can also serve as the connection to graduates, researchers and entrepreneurs, and help navigate state funding and grant programs.  

They are also experts at navigating government regulations and restrictions, so bioscience companies can flourish. They can help decipher tax guidelines and community restrictions for new businesses and assist with tax rebates for companies looking to relocate to New Mexico.  

Local authorities can also be the voice for the industry and bring concerns or requests to higher levels of government. Their willingness to serve as advocates benefits bioscience stakeholders across the sector.  

Local and state authorities have an important role to play as ambassadors for New Mexico’s bioscience industry in helping to recruit out-of-state talent and businesses. As promoters for the industry, they help ensure that the word gets out about the benefits of New Mexico for bioscience companies. They also engage with venture capitalists to help secure private investments, helping to spur economic development. They are a great resource for helping to grow the industry. 

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