Bioscience: A Vibrant New Industry


The bioscience industry is at the cutting edge of health, agriculture and green technology – areas that affect every New Mexican. No other industry addresses as many critical areas of our lives.

With the right backing, New Mexico’s bioscience sector can create more jobs, drive innovation and solve some of our biggest challenges. But to do this, it will need research funding and private investment.

In addition to scientific research and innovation, the bioscience industry spurs job creation across a wide spectrum of specialties and experiences. In New Mexico, there is the potential to create thousands of new jobs, build tax revenue and help lift the economy of the entire state.

This won’t happen overnight, but as we build the industry, benefits will accrue to individuals, businesses, local and state governments and the state economy as a whole.

All this requires collaboration among a number of entities. Bioscience hubs align the interests of a range of stakeholders, from research universities, to start-ups, to state and local governments.

The biosciences already make significant contributions to New Mexico’s economy, but there is plenty of room for growth.

Bioscience businesses are located in 30 of New Mexico’s 33 counties, making it one of the most widely distributed industries in the state. With the infrastructure and institutional support already in place to further the advancement of bioscience, we have what we need to make New Mexico a major player.

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