Once a bioscience industry is established, it’s important for a state to develop homegrown talent to meet a company’s staffing needs. New Mexico is fortunate to have many educational institutions whose graduates meet these requirements. These colleges and universities are equipped with some of the latest in research technology, and they attract students from across the country. Many leading-edge bioscience breakthroughs began at New Mexico universities and blossomed into successful businesses that contributed to the bioscience industry as a whole.

New Mexico colleges and universities form a virtual hub, where ideas can be exchanged freely between students, graduates, businesses and researchers in accord with and supports GrowBio NM’s mission of bioscience collaboration. This collaborative-free thinking model allows for bioscience students and graduates to develop their own innovations and advancements.

New Mexico education institutions can help students and graduates secure project funding to pursue their venture. They also connect students and graduates with a network of funding opportunities for start-ups that emerge from research done in the classroom. This provides an unprecedented opportunity transform bioscience discoveries into thriving businesses.

New Mexico biosciences students, researchers and entrepreneurs can also tap into a network of national laboratories, industry partners and educational institutions when searching for jobs or funding.

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