GrowBio NM seeks to promote public-private collaborations to support a thriving biotechnology industry in New Mexico. These partnerships can’t succeed without private bioscience companies based in New Mexico.  


New Mexico offers abundant natural resources, a pleasant climate and affordable land. This translates into affordable office, warehouse and manufacturing space, few weather-related delays in shipping and ready access to raw materials. A well-developed road and rail network connects New Mexico with the rest of the Southwest. 


New Mexico’s education institutions produce thousands of highly trained bioscience graduates each year. The number of bioscience-skilled graduates from state institutions has grown steadily in recent years, from 13,724 in 2009 to 17,564 in 2015. This makes for a highly skilled workforce ready to fill the positions offered by bioscience companies. Many New Mexico businesses have links with these institutions, as well as  the entrepreneurs and graduates who are building the foundation for a thriving bioscience hub. State and local governments are also part of this network, ready to help decipher tax codes and navigate community guidelines so that businesses can rapidly progress from start-up to revenue generation.  


As a members of the bioscience network, companies benefit from having a voice in local and state government, which can manifest as new legislation or changes to existing legislation. With business-friendly legislation, bioscience companies can feel safe running their operation in New Mexico. 


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